Sunday, October 30, 2011

This is Halloween...

Halloween has ALWAYS been my favorite holiday.  I don't know if it's because I like crisp air and sweaters, or falling leaves or candy.  Or maybe it's that it's a mere five days before my birthday and, as a kid, it was the best to have a night to dress up and get candy and then a week later, get presents!  At any rate, for whatever reason, I love this time of year.  I think dressing up is a hoot and I'm excited to do it with my kid.  I'm sad that women's Halloween costumes are an excuse for women to show their tatas to their neighbor.  When did that happen, exactly?  When did someone decide, "you know what would be a great costume?  Sexy Big Bird!"  I  Why doesn't anyone have a sense of humor anymore?  Because of all the ghastly stripper outfits out on the streets on the 31st, I'm always that much more impressed when someone (especially a woman!) has a creative, funny or outlandish outfit, homemade preferable.  I'll be wearing my chicken suit this year and honestly, I'm not sure I've ever worn it myself out on Halloween.  I bought it to wear on Halloween in 2003, but it snowed and there was some drama in my life...and I guess I DID wear a casino down the street...for about ten minutes.  I had paid over a hundred bucks for the thing and felt like someone else should see it.  But amidst the fight with my crappy boyfriend, I decided I just wanted to go home and take my wings with me.  It's gotten a ton of use since, however.  My friend Nick wore it trick or treating with his kids, I wore it to a masquerade party because I didn't own anything sexy (that night, the chicken suit wore a bikini.  Boom. Sexy chick.)  I wore it to my nephew's fifth birthday party and delivered him some balloons along with a British accent.  (He suspected it was me, but I still deny it.  I thought it was funny, but mostly, it just scared his friends.)  This year, my 8 month old baby will wear herself a LITTLE chicken suit and I will wear my enormous one.  My husband, at least right now, will be a farmer.  That we've killed.  The chickens have finally won.

We decorate the house and get candy for the few trick or treaters who stop in.  And I'm ridiculously excited to knock on doors with my little chick, begging for candy and remembering the days when I was twelve and people dressed like a giant bag of M & M's and didn't feel the need to be "sexy" M & M's.