Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What the Hell?

I don't really watch television.  And I don't say that with the pretentiousness of someone who is better than you (television watcher.)  I just don't really have the time.  And I'm not afraid to admit to you and God and everyone that I am honestly, humbly, addicted to The Bachelorette.  If that show was on seven days a week, I would record it and find the time, at 2am if I had to, to watch it.  (I was pissed it was a repeat on the 4th of July! What the F#*@!?) 

But also, I don't watch television because it helps me avoid the "news."

I'm pretty sure "news" is a subjective term anyway, but here in LA, it gets a little crazy.  I mean, what news is to the people in Minnesota can be totally different than the people in California (Southern Cal, specifically, it seems.)  On any given night, there could be coverage of a forest fire, a flood, a murder, or the new tattoo Jennifer Aniston got on her foot.  And this isn't E Entertainment news....this is ABC/NBC/CBS.  Awesome.  I find it depressing (both the murder coverage and Brittany's new hairstyle.)  I wish they covered the people going to Skid Row to feed people, or that lady who adopted 25 mentally handicapped children.  I wish they covered the guy who paid your toll ahead of you and the lady who made up "free donut Tuesday" at Dunkin Donuts.  I mean, I care more about those people than I do about Jennifer Aniston.  Just sayin'.

I have successfully avoided all coverage of the Casey Anthony trial, but it has saturated the media, and the minds of my friends, co-workers and people in line at Starbucks.  So now I know about it.  I'm not sure I want to know about it.

I believe in mass consciousness and energy effecting how things work...I believe that when people get together and focus on something, it creates more of that something.  What we need right now are more good parents.  We don't need another inhuman human.  We, as a people, could use less people who kill people.  And yeah, for the record, while you're talking about it, I think she killed her.  (I don't have chloroform in MY YOU?  If you do, you probably killed someone, too.  See? I know details of this case and I never even watched an ounce of it on TV.   The power of the media is vast and reaches into the minds of those who go out of their way to avoid it.  Maybe what we resist, persists.  But I digress...)

I didn't have an original point, really, so I'm ok with this being all over the place.  I'm drinking a Diet Dr. Pepper and life is moving slowly this morning.  There's a baby asleep and no dogs barking, so life is looking pretty good.

In closing,  1) I wish there was less media and more social gatherings around campfires.  I had friends make me s'mores on Saturday at a fire and that, THAT, my dears, improved the quality of my life.  2) We need to focus on the good people and the good things they're doing if we want more good things done.  Maybe if the media got all frenzied over people taking care of other people, more people would be inspired to do it; even if just for the shot at being on TV.  And 3)  I'm giving diet soda a chance, but honest to God, I still really hate diet soda.

Good day.

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